Can I use Argan oil for my SENSITIVE SKIN?
The last thing sensitive skin needs are products loaded with chemicals, fragrances, and alcohols.

Argan oil is 100% natural. It does not contain any harsh chemicals that might irritate sensitive skin.

Argan oil has proven to be efficient in healing a number of skin disorders associated with sensitive skin such as: acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea.

Argan oil replenishes moisture making sensitive skin more resistant to drying and abrasion. High contents of anti-inflammatory components such as anti-oxidants and vitamin E, calm redness, flare ups, and hives.

To help prevent skin dryness, flakiness, itching, and cracking:

  • Avoid fragranced soaps completely
  • Opt for soap-free mild cleansers
  • Opt for skin care products with only a few ingredients. Argan oil has only one ingredient; Argan oil.
  • Use moisturizers that contain generous amounts of Linoleic acid such as Argan oil
  • Always do a skin patch test prior to using a new product

Can I use Argan oil for my OILY SKIN?

People with oily skin tend to use moisturizer less often because they believe they do not need it as much. Oily skin is a result of skin’s over-production of sebum to compensate for its lack of moisture.

Sebum is the natural oil our skin produces to waterproof, lubricate, and protect itself against environmental factors.

By providing oily skin with sufficient moisture on a regular basis, it will produce less sebum over the course of time.

Here a few tips:

  • Use a gentle exfoliator to work away dead skin cells and excess oils 3 times a week
  • Always apply Argan oil on clean damp skin
  • Go very light on Argan oil during the day time to avoid undesired shine on your face
  • Use a generous amount at night to make sure your skin receives extra  moisture