Can I use Argan oil for my COMBINATION SKIN?
People with combination skin tend to have oily forehead and nose, aka as T-zone, and dry cheeks.

Combination skin is often a symptom of a skin condition called Seborrhea. Seborrhea is caused mainly by skin’s overproduction of oil on the face and the scalp.

By replenishing moisture to the skin Argan oil balances skin’s oil production and diminishes the disparities between dry and oily areas.

Please follow the below recommendations:

  • Opt for soap-free cleansers without harsh chemicals or alcohols
  • Apply Argan oil on moist skin
  • Treat oily and dry areas differently by applying Argan oil to dry areas throughout the day
  • Apply Argan oil on your scalp and eye brows as well if you suffer from yeast overgrowth, itching, and dandruff in these areas