Argan oil as a Deep Leave-In Treatment

Frequent coloring, styling, and washing is damaging to hair.

You must apply a deep repair treatment once a week to replenish and rehydrate your hair.

To moisturize brittle parched hair back to vitality please follow these steps:

  • Take a section of hair and rub a generous amount of Argan oil into it starting at the roots and down to the ends. The amount of Argan oil depends on the length and thickness of the hair section as well as on your hair condition
  • Repeat process until all hair sections are done
  • Apply more Argan oil on your finger tips and gently massage the oil in small circular movements deeply into your scalp
  • Leave Argan oil in for 1-3 hours and wash with a gentle shampoo
  • To restore brittle damaged hair, it is recommended to leave it overnight
  • Repeat at least once a week or more frequently depending on your hair condition
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